About Us

In 2015, the UK Government apprenticeship taskforce launched a report to set a target of 3 million new apprenticeship starts for 2020. Within this report, the Government set a target to increase the uptake of apprenticeship from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities by 20% by 2020. However, within many organisations, there are many barriers and stigmas which prevent the recruitment or development of people from the BAME community within organisations.

The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Apprenticeship Alliance (BAMEAA) is an organisation that brings together leaders within business and education to focus on promoting apprenticeship and skills among the Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic communities through policy, advocacy and conversation. By working with organisations on diversity, the BAMEAA can build a platform to bring real action and change in the UK.

We structure ourselves around core industry members who serve as leaders in promoting the diversity of apprenticeships. Our members believe in the economic power of diversifying their workforces. It is with their influence, strategic alliance and thoughts that we are able to be a powerhouse for apprenticeship diversity policy, advocacy and conversations.

The BAMEAA will be focusing on the following industries:

  • Finance, Legal and Professional Services
  • STEM Industries
  • Creative and Digital


The core areas of the BAMEAA are:

  • Policy - working with our members to develop policies for organisations which they can apply to increase their apprenticeship diversity
  • Advocacy - advocating and lobbying organisations on their apprenticeship diversity
  • Conversation - providing a platform to generate conversation for organisation around apprenticeship diversity

The key services of BAMEAA will include:

  • Allow organisations to use our platform to promote their apprenticeship diversity
  • Promoting apprenticeships within the BAME communities
  • Showcasing employer and training provider best practice
  • Deliver consultancy looking at apprenticeship diversity strategies